Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Buffy-Pup in Her New Home

Buffy's new mom, Nancy E (as opposed to her foster mom, Nancy J), sent me these pictures, taken within hours after she arrived at her new home.

Evidently she's doing very well: she already sits, stays, and fetches, and puppy kindergarten hasn't even started yet! I have a hunch she's going to be a great therapy dog.

I love this shot: "Aren't I adorable when I'm acting shy? C'mon, don't you just want to give me treats and scratch my ears? You know you do! All right, all right: so where are the treats, already?"

This one's pretty priceless, too. "Hello, green creature! My name's Buffy! What's yours?"

And here's the, "I'm all alert now and ready for a walk!" pose.

One last snapshot for your delectation. Doesn't she make your day? She sure makes mine!


  1. Aww...she is just adorable. Makes me wish I had a puppy again. They are so loving and cute. Of course Hooboo is doing his best to be my playmate. He likes to cuddle and be petted, purrs like crazy, and wants to gobble my cross on a chain every time I pick him up. :)


  2. That is an unbelievably photogenic pup!


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