Friday, November 23, 2007

Post-Turkey Miscellany

Lee sent me this picture of herself in the shawl. I'm so glad she likes it!

And here's another. Lee doesn't like this as much as the first one, but thinks it gives a better view of the shawl, so she gave me permission to post it. I like both of them!

I want to wish everybody a belated Happy Thanksgiving. I meant to post yesterday, but -- obviously -- didn't, partly because when we got home from Katharine's house, I pretty much felt like I'd been hit by a truck. (And someone at dinner had told us that the chemicals in turkey don't make people sleepy: that's a myth. So I can't even blame it on the excellent food we ate!) I think it was a combination of no exercise, having taken my meds a few hours late, and having run around like a crazy person on Wednesday.

Also, I've been waking up insanely early, like 4:00, and then not being able to get back to sleep. I don't know if this is a depression symptom, or a symptom of using my light box too much, which I guess would make it an anti-depression symptom. In either case, it means that I spend a lot of time being groggy.

Wednesday was at least productive, though. I checked out some apartment complexes for Dad, and found some good possibilities, along with an absolute not-on-your-life. This was prompted by the resident who, when I asked if she enjoyed living there, said cheerfully, "Oh, sure, it's nice enough, except it's a little rough in the summer, you know, with the shootings in this neighborhood." Ack! I mean, one can have shootings in any neighborhood, but when it's the first thing somebody volunteers about the place, it's a definite red flag.

Then I stopped by a convenient mall and did birthday shopping for Katharine, whose birthday was yesterday, and Gary, whose birthday is Sunday. Then I shot down to Jimmy Bean's, since I needed more wool for the laptop sleeve, and that's where I'd gotten the first skein.

JB, at least around here, has a reputation for being both expensive and snotty. My first time in there, I asked innocently if they had any inexpensive practice yarn for beginners, and the clerk stuck her nose in the air and sniffed, "Not here!" So I bought a sale skein of good wool which became the beginning of the laptop sleeve.

Wednesday, there was another, much nicer clerk. I told her how I'd been knitting on the back of the stitch, and she said, "Oh, I did the same thing at first!" She'd done it in an actual knitting class, and it took forever for the instructor to figure out why her rows didn't look quite right, so that made me feel better. She also said that her grandmother knit that way her entire life. "Listen, if you're making loops that form fabric, it's knitting!" When I commented on the many other errors in my knitting, she said, "Well, hand-knitting will never be perfect. That's just how it is." So she was much nicer than the first person.

Also, my sale yarn had been marked down even further. Woo-hoo!

After leaving JB, I did more birthday shopping for Gary. Then I shot home, grabbed the box of Homespun for Maggie -- who assures me that she really does like and want this yarn, and who's going to knit it up into blankets for children in crisis (yay, Maggie!) -- mailed it, got a haircut, and went to the gym.

This is a busier day than it sounds like, because there was a fair amount of driving involved. I was determined not to have to get near any retail establishment on Black Friday: today, I plan to go out only to go to the health club, which luckily isn't close to any stores.

If you're shopping today, I wish you patience, sanity, and luck!

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