Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It May Have Been Backward, But it Worked!

Lee has posted a lively account of opening my package yesterday. The contents appear to have been a success both with her and with her beasts!

I'll post a picture when I have one; I know she's working on that. And Lee, if you can get pix of the kitties with their new toys, that would be fun, too.

Meanwhile, I forgot to post a link to Grand Rounds yesterday. I'm not included this week, because I wasn't organized enough to get a post written. Better luck next time, I hope!


  1. G'day Susan,

    I came here from Lee's site and am delighted to meet another writer.

    I did tell Lee (on her shawl post) that one of my favourite writers was George Bernard Shaw(L)!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving ...



  2. LOL David, may I please have the pleasure of introducing my good friend Susan! Susan, this is David McMahon a fellow writer, good photographer, and all round great guy!

    Susan, I can almost certainly do the shawl but to get the kitties will take a lot more work. I'll try but no promises. :(

    Peace, Hope & Joy!


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