Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cats! Excellent Medicine!

I had a semi-cruddy day at work yesterday, so I cheered myself up by taking photos of the beasts. (Thanks to Gary, as always, for technical downloading help.) Here are Figaro and Harley, cuddling on the blanket I threw over our new leather chair to keep them from eating it. The blanket strategy worked in terms of leather protection, but meant that the chair became even more attractive as a snoozing spot. I'd meant to sit in that chair to grade last night, but I had to sit somewhere else, because the cats had taken over the prime location!

Here's Bali in the hallway. This shot shows off his lovely golden eyes; you can also see a hint of his beautiful silver ruff, which seems to be seasonal. He loses it in the summer, and it comes back in the fall. I wish it showed up better in photographs, because it's really striking. Bali's a very handsome animal, and he knows it.

On Sunday, which is also my and Gary's wedding anniversary, Bali will be a year old! He won't be a kitten anymore! He'll be a full-grown cat! So here's one last shot of him acting kittenish, although I'm sure he'll continue doing that for many years to come.

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  1. Wonderful pictures, Susan! I especially like that one of Bali. He is indeed a gorgeous boy.

    An early "Happy Anniversary!" Hope you two have a great day and many more great years together.

    Peace! Hope! & Joy!


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