Saturday, November 17, 2007


My latest project was going along swimmingly, and then somewhere along the line I made a mistake. I thought I'd fixed it, realized that I'd only made it worse, tried to backtrack to start over, and made things worse yet. Now I'm afraid to touch it.

I've sent an emergency SOS to my friend Katharine, but she has family in town and is unlikely to be available. And the knitting store's closed tomorrow. Waaaaahhhh!

This is a holiday gift, so I'm under pretty tight time constraints (also yarn constraints, since I just bought the last in that dye lot and can't afford to waste any).

So of course this is when things would go spectacularly wrong! If you want God to laugh, tell Her your plans.

Dang. Just when I thought I'd really gotten the hang of this!

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  1. Ouch, Susan! It sounds really frustrating. I did a search on knitting fixes and there's a book out that might help you. Can't testify to it although some of your readers might be able to. The book is called Knit Fix and Barnes & Noble carries it. You can go here to read about it.



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