Friday, November 23, 2007

Coming Attractions

On Christmas Day, our bishop-elect, Dan Edwards, will be visiting our parish. He didn't want to preach, and I was on the schedule for that day -- it's usually a tiny service, although it's going to be larger this year, because people want to meet him -- so I'm still preaching.

He's assured me over e-mail that I shouldn't feel any pressure, but of course I do anyway, especially since saying anything new at Christmas is always something of a challenge. But I'm going to be preaching about knitting -- bwah hah hah! (and yes, there really are connections to Christmas) -- so I'll have fun writing it, if nothing else.

Also, a few months ago I was contacted by someone from the Church Health Center in Memphis. They're starting an online newsletter next year, and their website developer had read my blog and wondered if I'd like to be a regular columnist about health and faith.

I told him I'd be delighted, so I'm going to be writing a brief biweekly column called "Bodily Blessings." I've written the first two, although I haven't gotten feedback on the second yet. I'll post a link to each column when it goes up.


  1. Bishop, eh?? No pressure, eh????? Will be thinking of you. I wonder if this will provide any more grist for the "ordination" mill. Myself, I am on call on Christmas. Should be quiet, but I guess if one needs a chaplain on Christmas one REALLY needs one...

  2. I can't wait to read a knitting sermon!


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