Saturday, November 03, 2007

Knitting Updates

Sharon's shawl is finished, and will be delivered sometime this weekend. I now have about twenty inches of Lee's shawl, which means that it's about one-third done. I've started one for myself, the current work project, but only have nine rows on that so far.

I hope to get a photo of Sharon wearing her shawl; if she gives me permission, I'll post it.

My enthusiasm for knitting hasn't waned a whit. I'm slowing down a bit, though, because I appear to be developing repetitive-stress type pains in my hands and elbows. *Sigh* So I'm taking lots of breaks and not knitting too many rows at once.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak!


  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    oh, I so resonate to your comment about knitting. within hours of learning to knit, I knit myself across the Pacific from Japan to San Francisco and the hours fairly flew by. I found it even more engrossing than reading, and that's saying something! but my wrists, and hands, and arms really did not like it at all - and since I already ask them to do a lot for me in the way of writing and typing, I sadly gave it up.

    if you or anyone else out there has suggestions about how to knit without incurring repetitive motion injuries, I would purely love to know how!


  2. Congratulations for finishing your first knitting project! A milestone already!



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