Friday, November 16, 2007

Bye-Bye, Lion Homespun

Last night I finished the body of Lee's shawl, although buying fringe yarn and making the fringe will take another day or two, given my schedule. I'd started a third shawl, one for myself, with another color of Lion Homespun. I'd been going back and forth about whether I liked it or not, and when I showed it to Gary, he didn't; but I couldn't bear to have bought the yarn and then not use it, even though Gary said, "It doesn't make sense to spend your valuable knitting time on yarn you don't like in a color you don't like."

My mother had said the same thing the second I had trouble with the Homespun. "If it's that hard, don't work with it!" And my crocheting friend at church told me she'd bought Homespun once, started working with it, and promptly discarded both project and yarn. But because I liked the colors of Sharon's and Lee's shawls so much, I'd kept with it, and I was halfway thinking I'd continue with the third one, too.

In the meantime, I'd gone to Deluxe and splurged on fancier yarn: Cyprus Mohair, a bright, silky blend of 85% acrylic and 15% mohair.

This morning, I started a new project with the Cyprus.

Ohmygodwhatadifference! Non-splitting yarn! Stitch definition! Much more gorgeous colors even than the Lion!

That's it: I'm never using Homespun again. Life's too short to use bad yarn.

But that means that I have a whole lot of the stuff left over, especially since I overbought for the first two projects. I couldn't in good conscience give it to anyone who hadn't worked with it before, but I really don't want it to go to waste. I know that there are people out there who actually like this yarn, which must mean that you're made of stronger stuff than I am.

So I'll mail -- or give, if you're in Reno -- my Homespun to the first person who asks. Free Homespun to good home! Special-needs yarn needs patient, loving knitter! Help these disadvantaged skeins for the holidays!


  1. Susan, I'm thrilled that my shawl is finished. Thank you so much!!! :)

    About the yarn. One of the elementary schools in my area has a crochet club. I'm wondering if one in your area might not have the same thing. Or maybe the yarn could be donated to good will for the woman who wants to knit but can't afford to get good yarn. Or maybe your church? The other possibility is that we used to use yarn as a substitute for ribbon on Christmas packages. Yarn has all kinds of uses. :)

    Peace! Hope! & Joy!!!

  2. Marsha12:23 PM

    I'll pass on the Homespun myself. I've used it once, and the experience was not unlike dragging fingernails across a chalkboard. Ew!

    If you don't find a home for it through this post, you may want to try Good Yarn Karma. Some good karma never hurts, right?

  3. I still like the Homespun, pain though it is. I'm in Canada, though, so if someone more local speaks up (or more needy), pass it on to them.

  4. The Homespun is actually fun to use on enormous needles--I've done that one-skein scarf that's on some of the labels. If the needles are big enough the twist and etc. are not nearly such a pain.

  5. Here's another "Homespun" trick; if you knit it with another (normal) yarn, even a single strand of acrylic worsted or whatever you have, it makes it a lot easier to handle. On big needles, then, obviously. Otherwise, I feel like I'm atoning for my or someone else's sins with every stitch! Arg!


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