Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Attractions, Coming and Current

This week's Grand Rounds is up over at David Williams' Health Business Blog. Thanks for including me, David!

I'm going to be hosting Grand Rounds myself on August 28. I'm more than a little nervous about this (especially since that's the first week of school), but I'm excited, too, and grateful to Nick Genes for reminding me that I'd offered to host this summer. He'll be doing an interview with me for Medscape, and I'll let you know when that's posted.

Elliot has posted a very smart and satisfying review of The Fate of Mice. Thanks, Elliot!

Gary and I are gearing up for Mythcon. This morning I practiced the new piece I'll be reading there, which clocks in at just about forty minutes. Perfect! Unfortunately, my reading's opposite a panel that includes the guests of honor, Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman, not to mention the illustrious Ellen Klages, so I hope someone will come hear me. I'd go to their panel myself, if I could! But Gary will be there, even if nobody else is. And the reading was rescheduled from nine in the morning to one in the afternoon, which is much easier on my brain.

The conference includes a concert by the Renaissance and early-music group Broceliande, who perform Tolkien's songs on their album The Starlit Jewel (currently unavailable, unfortunately). Gary and I are really looking forward to that. And the evening video showings include Hush, one of our favorite Buffy episodes. All in all, it should be a great weekend!


  1. I agree! Elliot did a very nice job on the review for TFoM.

    Didn't you say you were writing something new to read for Mythcon? If I'm not misremembering, when can those of not in attendance hope to read it?

    Heh, I have a copy of Starlight Jewel, Susan. I also bought the book of sheet music. Figured I might want to play it someday. At the time I don't think I realized I was buying an item that was to be considered rare. (g) Lucky me!


  2. Lee -- I don't know if this thing is ever going to get published! Let me get back to you on that one.

    SJ's a cool album, isn't it? I play some of the songs for the students in my Tolkien class; hearing the music gives them more appreciation for Tolkien's poetry, which many of them cordially loathe.


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