Monday, July 30, 2007

Family Pics

My mother and sister left this morning; we all got up at 3:30 so I could get them to the airport by five, after which I went to the gym (which opens at five) and swam for forty minutes. I went from there to the office to try to get some work done, but predictably, I wound up coming home and taking a long nap instead.

So that first photo is Mom, as you probably guessed, in the red sweater I gave her for her birthday.

Here's Gary cooking pasta, as Liz looks on. Liz and I served as Gary's cooking assistants during this visit, chopping and grating and such. I'm very slow at such tasks because I haven't done much of them (I definitely need one of those "Don't Assume I Cook" t-shirts), but Gary was very patient with me.

Here's Gary tasting pasta. Everyone always enjoys his cooking, and he made several of his best dishes for Mom and Liz: his special garlic bread, his pasta putanesca, his Caribbean pork.

Here he is beating back the hungry dinner hordes with a spoon. Actually, the most persistent invasive force at dinnertime is the cats, who demand small tributes of uncooked meat. Bali's also crazy about carrot peelings. When I was peeling yams, he demanded samples, although when he got them, he didn't want them. We think that maybe he thought they were carrots because of the color -- but wouldn't his sense of smell be more sensitive than his vision, and wouldn't it tip him off to the fact that this was a different vegetable?

He's a very odd cat, although that statement's probably redundant.

Liz hates being photographed, but I got this nice shot of her standing in the kitchen.

Here's Mom standing in the dining room with the living room behind her.

Here's one of me and Gary, dressed up a little bit for the fabulous dinner Mom and Liz treated us to at the 4th Street Bistro, our favorite Reno restaurant. I'm wearing a new pair of earrings here, although you can't see them very well. Liz and I are champion shoppers, especially when we're together and especially for jewelry. We hit lots of local stores: Mom and Liz both bought me earrings, and I bought them earrings, and we all bought ourselves earrings. Liz and I also went clothes shopping, and did quite well. New shorts! New skirts! New blouses! New jeans! Wheeeee!

And, of course, no assortment of photos would be complete without cats. Here are Harley and Figaro luxuriating on Mom's bed (which is my study sofa, unfolded).

Figaro looks particularly cute here.

And Harley looks particularly furry here.

I don't have any shots of Bali, but he was certainly a force of nature during the visit. It's a really good thing that Mom and Liz both adore cats, and spoil them as much as Gary and I do, because Bali was into everything: luggage, water glasses, bedding, you name it. He managed to savage and deflate Liz's bed (an air mattress on the living-room floor) and also specialized in pouncing on her feet under the covers.

Liz thought all of this was hilarious, and doted on Bali, but my Dad's not particularly fond of cats, so I'm a little nervous about that aspect of his visit in a few weeks. But he'll be in my study, and can close the door at night.

It was a good visit, although Mom wasn't able to do much. I miss them already.

Liz just called from Philly to tell me that they landed safely. I'm sure they're glad to be back home. Now I have to start gearing up for my father's arrival!


  1. Anonymous4:01 PM

    How very, very nice to "meet" your family after hearing so much about them. Glad the visit was such a success in so many ways,


  2. You guys look too stinkin' young.

    P.S. I just ordered Shelter. I'm excited.


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