Friday, July 20, 2007

Harley the Hilarious

Well, Mom and Liz's flight wasn't delayed. A few minutes after FlightTracker reported that their connecting flight had finally landed in Salt Lake City, Liz called and said, "We're at baggage claim. Where are you?"

"Baggage claim in Reno?"

Oy! Luckily, the airport's only half an hour away (faster if you take freeways, which I never do in town because people drive like maniacs), and they were waiting at curbside when I got there. But I'll never trust FlightTracker again!

They were pretty wiggy with jet lag, combined with lack of sleep the night before, but we had a nice first day anyway. Liz and I found all sorts of fun craft supplies at the dollar store; she wants to decorate masks while they're here. She and my mother greatly admired the cats and Gary's cooking.

And here, for everyone's delight and delectation, are some recent photos of Harley in funny positions. Click to enlarge.

"I know just what jet lag feels like," says Harley. "It leaves me feeling flattened!"

"Jet lag makes me so tired that I can't even lift my legs!"

"But once I've had some sleep, watch out, because then I become Superkitty! Faster than a speeding red laser dot! More energetic than a wind-up mouse! Watch out: here I come!"

Paws in Power Position!


  1. Totally unrelated to this post, but: I recently read The Fate of Mice (and really enjoyed it) and I was wondering why Cucumber Gravy didn't end up in the collection? Did it not make the cut? Will there be another story collection forthcoming? :-)

  2. Hi, Elliot! I fought for that story to go in, but I couldn't convince the Tachyon people: they said it was too SF for a collection they were marketing as literary fantasy, but I suspect that they simply didn't like the story.

    There may be another collection . . . in another twenty years. I hope you're patient!

    I'm glad you enjoyed FoM!

  3. Harley's adorable Susan. Thanks for posting these. Of all your lovely kitties I think I like his coat the best. Tufts between the toes are SO attractive. (g)

    I'm glad to hear your Mom and Sis arrived ok and are having a good time.



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