Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Code Red Redux

This week's Grand Rounds is up. I'm pleased that it includes my "Code Red" post. Thanks, Vitum!

Meanwhile, we have a genuine Code Red here in Reno, thanks to a 1,200-acre fire, only 15% contained, that started yesterday in a residential area five miles from my house and has now spread into Federal timberland. We also just had a fire north of here, on the California border, and eastward, in Elko County, there's yet another fire, this one huge.

And it's early in the fire season.

The air's full of smoke. We can smell it even inside the house, with windows closed and AC on. The elderly, children, and people with respiratory problems are being advised to stay inside. Since my mother and sister arrive on Thursday, and since my mom has emphysema, I hope this clears up soon!

Gary and I made a Trader Joe's run last night; the store's south of here, and driving back, we could watch the flames running along the ridgelines in the Caughlin Ranch area. A friend of mine lives in that neighborhood; she wasn't evacuated (and people who were got to go back home last night), but there were a lot of spotter planes buzzing around her house.

Last night, we saw planes and a copter hauling a bucket of water, which looked like a thimble in all the glowing red smoke.

Scary stuff. Please pray for all firefighters, and for everyone affected by fire.

All photo credits: Reno Gazette-Journal


  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Dear Susan,

    I remember this kind of fire from a brief childhood stint in California, but ours were not this big. I will of course pray for the firefighters and all those affected by fire, including you and your visiting mother and sister.

    As I recall, my grandparents back on the east coast were very worried about us out on the west coast, prompting much humorous discussion about the pros and cons of forest fires and blizzards as local natural disasters of choice. I hope your mother is holding up well under the unexpected stress.


  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    My son is a firefighter for the Forest Service in Tucson. His crew was at that fire. I'm so glad that your home was spared. It is very scary when fire is so close to one's home. We experience your worry last year when a fire was a mile from our home.


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