Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Maybe There's Something to this Black Cat Business After All

Bali and Figaro both have excellent computer and video skills; Figaro once changed the language on a movie Gary was watching from English to French by sitting on the remote, and Bali's been known to delete entire folders while walking across a keyboard.

So today little black kitty was in my office, and I was patting him and playing with him, and when I turned back to my computer, I found myself blinking at a Google list of sites about Satanism and the Devil.

Bali had typed "666" into the AOL search window.

As Gary said -- when he'd finished laughing long enough to catch his breath -- "We've obviously stumbled into the beginning of a horror movie."


  1. LOL Smart kitty. He must have read CS Lewis and wanted you to know the enemy's methods. (g)

    Too much Joy here!

  2. If the walls start to bleed, get out!

    Of course, with a kitty dabbling in the black arts, the walls may just drip a little tuna oil.....

  3. If you don't get at least a short story out of this I will be very disappointed :)


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