Monday, July 16, 2007

Women! Love Books? Help Hospital!

My friend Marin at the medical school forwarded me this call for submissions, which I'm posting as a public service. Please pass the info on to anyone who might be interested.


Fair's Fair Books ("For Book Lovers") Inc., Calgary, Alberta, invites submissions in English (or French with an English translation included) for a forthcoming online site project under the rubric of "Women Who Love to Read Project."

Submissions may be forwarded by e-mail to with the Subject Heading "Women Who Love to Read." We ask that submissions be 500-700 words in length. We will accept submissions from July 10th, 2007-Dec. 2007.

100 of the online site entries will then be chosen for a hardcopy anthology titled "Women Who Love to Read." The honorarium will be in the form of copies of the anthology, and a portion of the sales from the Anthology will be donated to the pain centers at the Foothills Hospital and University of Alberta Pain Center for the purchase of books for patients. The copyright remains with the author. Slight substantive editing may be necessary for purposes of formatting and consistency.

You may wish to consider the following: (These are merely suggestions.)

What do you remember about your first reading experiences?

What did you read as a child?

Who read to you?

How has that reading affected, changed, influenced your later life?

Where did you read?

What were your favorite childhood and teenage books?

What are you reading now?


Yvonne Trainer, B.A.; M.A., PhD (English) Info:
Literary Arts Coordinator "Fair's Fair Books," Calgary, Alberta
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Humanities, Ambrose University College, Calgary, AB

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  1. I would love to write something for this!


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