Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lotsa Good Stuff

One Year Blogaversary

I began blogging one year ago today, and I have to say that it's been one of my more fulfilling hobbies. I've really enjoyed both writing my blog and reading other people's (although I don't have enough time to do nearly as much of the latter as I'd like), and it's taken me in directions I couldn't have expected: into the world of medical blogging, for instance.

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog, especially those of you who leave comments or e-mail me in response to a post. You make my days brighter!

Grand Rounds

Speaking of which, this week's Grand Rounds is up over at A Chronic Dose, and I'm delighted to have made the "front page." Thanks, Laurie!

Life's Little Ironies

Yesterday morning, the Great Chaplaincy Debate surfaced yet again, in the form of the first comment left on this post. That writer's position is that while volunteers do valuable work, we must never, ever call ourselves "chaplains," because we don't have the proper credentials. I explained that my hospital name badge says "volunteer chaplain," and that the professional, board-certified chaplains on staff at my hospital refer to volunteers as chaplains, although the nomenclature varies at other facilities. (I don't care if you call me chopped liver. Just let me do the work!)

Yesterday afternoon, I got e-mail from a palliative-care doctor back East who'd read this post, and liked it a lot. His hospital had recently lost its chaplain. Was I interested in relocating?

After I'd finished giggling at the juxtaposition, I e-mailed the good doctor and thanked him very much, but explained that I really wasn't qualified for the position, and that I'm not eager to leave Reno. (Not to go back East, anyway. If there were a job in San Francisco, I'd think about it!)

More Kudos for Shelter

Jo Walton has posted her blazingly positive review on her LiveJournal. This and the Orbe-Smith review I posted about yesterday have made my week! Thanks, guys!

In other news, the family visit is going very nicely. I'll post photos soon. And my father's coming out to visit in August! Yay!


  1. Happy Blogaversary, Susan! It's hard to believe it's been a whole year. Wonder where you'll be with this next year. (g)


  2. Congrats, Sister, on the anniversary.

    As for the Great Chaplaincy Debate (and I did leave a comment at the specific post), it goes on partly because chaplains are divided on this, and partly because we don't necessarily have time to read each others' writing, on line or elsewhere. But, you know what I think.


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