Monday, July 21, 2008

Wonders of Technology

Today I saw my new pulmonologist, who gave me a prescription without another sleep test (yay!), but wants me to wear an oximeter on my finger tonight so she can make sure my oxygenation's okay. There's no reason to think it won't be; she's just being thorough, which I appreciate.

She faxed the new script over to the Durable-Medical-Equipment-Company-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless, who were actually much more responsive and helpful than usual, after I got past my twenty minutes on hold. Turns out that, as Ken told me in response to my last post, the new machines are much smaller: my new one should be about half the size of my old one, and the humidifier -- heated, this time -- will be integrated, which means that I'll also lose one hose, the external reservoir, and the plastic platform on which everything sits. That makes three fewer items to pack when I travel. I'm tremendously excited about this.

Early this evening, our doorbell rang, and we discovered a bright-eyed AT&T salesman (who looks twelve, but everyone under thirty looks twelve to me these days) standing on our doorstep. He'd come to try to sell us fiber-optic phone and internet service, and it worked. We'll also get a month of free TV; we plan to cancel after that, if I can pry Gary away from the screen. Our installation date is August 1.

A smaller CPAP! Faster and more reliable internet! Will wonders never cease?

We are a simple people, easily amused.


  1. lol

    Bread and Circuses...

  2. That new CPAP sounds interesting, Susan. Mom uses one which is set so high that I think it makes her uncomfortable at times. Please let me know if you new one feels good even at high pressure settings?

    Cancel digital TV and faster internet after a month? I'd be hooked. You're obviously made of sterner stuff than I am. :)


  3. "if I can pry Gary away from the screen"

    Aha! You said "if"!

  4. Lee -- Mine's on a low setting, and I don't get to set it myself; that's what the prescription's for. She should talk to her doctor or her DME, because there are ways to deal with that problem. There's a kind of machine, called C-Flex I think, that reduces pressure while you exhale.

    Also, we won't be canceling the Internet! Just the TV.

  5. Mine fits in a bag the size of a VHS video camcorder.

    Lee - Have your mom get her pressure checked. (Mine goes to 7, but has a button that starts it at 4 and increases over the 30 minutes during which you're expected to fall asleep—if you don't, you just start it over.)

    Susan - Just a reminder. The Olympics are coming soon.


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