Sunday, July 20, 2008


Yeah, I know, I've been quiet for a few days, but it's a good quiet. I've been busy.

Friday afternoon, I drove back to Reno, which turned out to be a bit of an ordeal. I left at 2:00, which would normally mean that I'd get home around 5:30. Instead, I got home at 7:15. Granted, half an hour of that was an extended rest/fuel/rehydration stop, but even so, it was a long trip. There was a lot of traffic, including many huge commercial trucks and private vehicles towing large boats or campers. Add seemingly endless roadwork, much of which had reduced the twisty-turny mountain roads to two narrow lanes with no shoulder. Stir in an accident or two. Like I said, slow going.

As a result, I was done in when I got home. It's been a good weekend, though. I've worked on the book, done reflective journal writing each morning, and (taking a leaf from Lee's book), cleaned out my closet and bureaus, with Gary's help. This resulted in seven boxes of clothing to be donated and several large trash bags of stuff to be thrown away. Tomorrow I'll finish tidying up the bedroom, and the day after that I'll tackle my study, a truly terrifying prospect. I also need to clear surfaces in my office at work, although that isn't quite as daunting.

It's also Doctor Week. Tomorrow I see the pulmonologist to get a prescription for a new CPAP (hopefully without having to go through sleep testing again). Tuesday's my annual pelvic -- fun, fun -- and Wednesday I see my GI guy to get the skinny on the precancerous polyp.

I'm glad I have insurance.


  1. Way to go, Susan! Congratulations on your decluttering progress. Seven bags of clothes to donate is truly awesome! :)

    I'm tackling book shelves. My church is having a rummage sale and that's where I think I'll take what I have now.

    Got any pictures of a thoroughly organized space to share?

    Peace! Hope! & Joy!

  2. The new CPAPs (I now speak from experience) are much smaller than those SCUBA tanks you had a few months ago.

    So that will save space for a few things, no?

  3. Thanks, Lee! But no, no pictures.

    And Ken, you use CPAP now? Is it helping, and have you found a mask that works for you?


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