Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Again

I saw A again today, just a little while ago. He seemed much more relaxed, cheerful, and less anxious (and was correspondingly more coherent). I offered to buy him a saucepan and some bottled water to wash with, but he said he already has those things. He also has a cellphone, which someone gave him so his doctor would be able to reach him about the eye surgery he had recently. He gave me the number and asked me to call him sometime; I think that will be easier than sending packages, which I never manage to do.

Several years ago, I used a rock I'd found at Ocean Beach to weigh down a note I left for A. When I saw him last night, he said he'd lost the rock. Since I'm going to the beach later this afternoon, today I told him that I'll bring him another rock, and he laughed and thanked me. He likes rocks -- something else, along with science fiction, that we have in common -- and he keeps a lovely quartz crystal and what looks like a piece of obsidian in his pocket. Several times, he's pulled out the quartz crystal so I can hold it.

Oh, and Inez, today he told me that he started (but didn't finish) an undergrad degree at Bowling Green!

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