Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Adoption Day, Harley!

Nine years ago today, my mother and I brought Harley home from the animal shelter. He was a tiny, adorable kitten then, just eight weeks old. Now he's a gigundo-fluffmuffin-of-doom, as you can see from this photo. He's also, as you can tell from this photo, much better groomed than I am, although in my defense, this was taken when I was still in my robe and only halfway through my morning coffee. Yeah, that was just a few minutes ago, but hey: it's summer.

(I just talked to my Dad on the phone, and when he asked me what I was up to and I told him, he said, "You're working too hard! This is supposed to be your vacation!" S'okay. I'm relaxing too.)

Harley is also known as The Beast With No Eyes, because they so rarely come out in pictures. This isn't a great shot, but I like it anyway. Zen Fluffmuffin Contemplates Own Paws.

Happy Adoption Day, Harley. We're very glad you're part of our family!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Harley! Love the coat you're wearing this season. Don't tell Rum Tum but I think it out does his. :) Maybe this winter you two should get some of your friends together and have a fur fashion show.

    Happy Meditating!


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