Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dansko, I Am Yours Forever!

LeAnne McComsey, an Associate Brand Manager for Dansko, left a comment on my previous post, assuring me that they're still producing the Narrow Pro and asking me to e-mail her.

So I did, with details about the store where I got the incorrect information, and what the manager there told me.

She wrote back to thank me, and said that she'll be sending me a free pair of blueberry narrow pro clogs! Yowsa!

Do these people rock, or what? Quite aside from the fact that the clogs are a) insanely comfortable and b) the absolute best air travel shoes, because you can get in and out of them so easily at security, but they also support your feet when you're trotting for miles to make your connection. Oh, and the company's wonderfully socially conscious. They give their staffers paid time off to volunteer, and then match the paid time with monetary donations to the charity.

You go, Dansko! I am your willing slave for life!

And just for the record, I always wear my Danskos during my volunteer shifts at the hospital (where lots of the medical folks wear them, too).

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  1. She emailed me too! I wasn't sure it was for real until I searched out your post - we'll see what happens!


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