Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Knitting's Good for the Soul!

Image courtesy of Heartland Lace.

Today I received incontrovertible proof either that only good people knit, or that knitting makes people good. I suppose this is a point philosophers and scientists will be able to debate for centuries; I foresee many double-blind controlled studies published in refereed journals.

Several weeks ago, I ordered some new circular needles, small ones for lace knitting, from Knitpicks. To my dismay, one of the needles arrived broken. I know that they have a generous replacement policy, but I assumed I'd have to mail the broken needles back, and getting to the post office is always a chore for me. But today I bought some padded envelopes to do just that -- don't ask me what I was thinking, buying protected envelopes for broken needles -- and called Knitpicks' 800 number to get the correct address and find out what else they'd need from me.

"Have you already mailed the needles?" the sales rep asked me.

"No," I said, my heart sinking. Were they going to impose some arcane packaging requirement?

"Oh, good, because you don't need to. We'll just mail the new needles to you."

"Thank you!" I said. Have you ever heard of a company so trusting? Obviously, all knitters must be fabulously honest people! (Maybe I shouldn't even post this: I hope any Evil Knitters out there don't now try to take advantage of them.) The rep did check my order in the computer, so I couldn't have tried to score, say, eighty skeins of cashmere I'd never bought. And I suppose they keep track of these things, and would get suspicious if one person claimed large amounts of unusable merchandise. But I was still impressed.

So I'm most pleased. Also, the Dansko sales rep tells me that my blue clogs will be shipped out 8/29.

Way to win customer loyalty, guys!

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  1. Brittany needles did the same for me - I broke a 0 dpn, and when I emailed to ask for a replacement, they sent me THREE. (which I definitely appreciated since I broke another one since then)



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