Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back in Berkeley

I made record time -- three hours and twenty minutes, and that was with a gas/rest stop -- and was delighted to be in a cooler, less smoky climate. Driving across the mountains, the smoke was horrendous, and I was really worried, but Berkeley seems to be clear.

I'm in a nice dorm room with a view of trees (and of the Bay, I think, at least in the right light), and with its own sink, which is always handy. There's also a comfy chair for reading and knitting. In about an hour, I'll head into the city for tonight's reading, but I'm going to try to write a little first, since I didn't yesterday.

When I was out picking up lunch and sundries (soap, paper towels, a street map of SF), I went by A's corner and didn't see him, which always worries me. But I'll probably see him later in the week; I hope so, anyway! If he hasn't shown up in a few days, I'll ask the shopkeepers on that block, who all know him.

One bit of annoyance was that my bad knee -- or my worse knee, since they're both a bit iffy -- was really killing me when I was walking back to the dorm. But that's probably because I've done more swimming than walking lately; I'm not going to worry about it unless it persists and/or gets worse.

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  1. Good morning, Susan! Hope the lack of smoke continues for you while you're there. Even with smoke I envy you your mountain drive. Lovely things, mountains. Your room sounds lovely too. What are your plans for Sunday? Surely they don't hold classes today?

    I'm the scheduled LEM for Wednesday's healing service. That's when I'll find out what our new deacon gets to do in a service that small and intimate. :)

    Peace & Happy Sunday!


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