Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tight Squeeze

While that family in Atlanta was trying to sell their house to give half the money to poor people in Ghana, I was buying new shoes. A second pair of Dankso Narrow Professional clogs, to be precise, this time in brown. The salesman told me that the company has decided to stop making narrow clogs, so I'm glad I got them, even if it was an extravagance.

Harley's glad, too. You can see how much he's enjoying the box.

And yet, they can never stand their cat carriers. Why is this? Next time, he's going to the vet in a Dansko shoebox.

Oh, and speaking of animals, you may have noticed that I've added a sidebar widget for The Daily Puppy. The Daily Kitten, unfortunately, doesn't seem to offer this service; neither does The Daily Coyote.


  1. If your comfortable shoes are that hard to come by I'm glad you got a new pair. :) Yeah, Harley looks like he's King of the World in that box.

    I understand your frustration with the cat carriers. I'm really blessed. Hyram likes his...or did till my ex-sister-in-law tried to shove him into it once. Now he doesn't go in quite as readily but I can manage by using the momentum of downward motion.


  2. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Hi Susan! We love the kitty pic! And I can promise you that we're not stopping production on the Narrow clog. Shoot me an email leanne.mccomsey (at) dansko.com


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