Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Coffee, Doing Good

Gary and I have become big fans of Blind Dog Coffee, a local company -- with the by-now-mandatory organic, fair-trade beans -- started by a Reno man who went blind in middle age from the delayed effects of treatment for childhood cancer. He donates a portion of each sale to Angel Kiss, which gives childhood cancer patients and their families "immediate assistance and support for any expense or need related to treatment," regardless of income.

And as if that weren't enough, the coffee's yummy.

Support a family business! Help kids in medical crisis! Get a really good caffeine buzz! What's not to like?

I learned about the company when I sat next to the founder's daughter on a plane flight. As it happened, she's a recent UNR grad who'd done an independent study with my friend Mary, whose office is next to mine, and I saw her again a few weeks later when she stopped by to say hi to Mary (and bring Mary some coffee she'd ordered). Small world!


  1. Been checking out that page, Susan! I like what he's doing with his business. Wish more companies did this.

    I guess I'm blessed because I can find fair trade coffee at my local grocery stores. It seems to be getting popular. :)

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Yes, this is great coffee! And at $8.99, less expensive than, say, certain first mates of Captain Ahab's.

    Another great coffee, which is also at Whole Foods right below Blind Dog, is Raven's Brew (esp. Deadman's Reach).


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