Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fashion Plate, and Other Matters

Figaro curled up on my couch yesterday, half on top of one of my knitting bags, which is green and white. The green matched his eyes beautifully, so I took some photos. The matching color didn't show as well as I wanted it to, though.

That first shot's the best for the color match, but this is better of Figgy, since he's wearing his usual hyperalert expression. In the first photo, he looks half asleep.

I'm glad to report that knitting, writing and reading are all going well, and that I swam for an hour yesterday. Unfortunately, it's been impossible for me to walk outside -- although Gary's gamely continued hiking -- because our air quality is so horrible from the California fires. People with respiratory problems are really having a tough time of it. Things aren't as bad here as they must be in California, though.

With all my inside time, I'm looking forward to reading the latest Change of Shift, the nursing blog carnival -- hosted by the ever-energetic Kim -- which begins its third year of life with this edition. Congratulations, Kim! You're an inspiration to us all!


  1. What gorgeous eyes Susan. I bet there is awesome depth in them. And what a playful look. I love to see my boys being playful, but I get more hugs and purrs when they are in zen mode. Easier for Mom to snatch 'em up for a hug and cuddle. :)


  2. Have you thought of wearing a dust mask outside? I've been wearing one while biking here in California because of the bad air quality. Between that and the oversized sunglasses I wear, one of my co-workers told me I look like a bug! The mask looks dorky but helps.


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