Thursday, May 29, 2008

WisCon Makes the Bigtime! And New Speakers!

Hey, check this out. The Wiscon Stomach Bug of 2008 has made the Chicago Tribune!

In other exciting news, today I indeed wrote, read, and knit -- despite the all-liquid-all-the-time diet -- so Day 2 of the new regime has been successful. Day 3 will no doubt be much less so, due to medical interruptions.

Oh . . . and my darling hubby bought me a present! New speakers for my computer! They're indeed much better than the old ones (which benefits him, too, since his study is only feet from mine, and he's far more sensitive about music quality than I am). Thanks, Gar!

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  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Dear Susan,

    Just checking in to wish you all the best both with your continued recovery from the flu and your previously scheduled medical procedure tomorrow.

    And to rejoice with you on the recent reappearance of your writers' instincts. May the pleasure you find in writing continue to continue ...



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