Monday, May 26, 2008

WisCon, Day the Last

It took me forever to get to sleep last night -- not surprising, after a late cup of coffee -- but I woke up on my own at 7:30 and immediately dove into the Packing Challenge. Amazingly, I ended up with the same number of pieces of luggage I started out with, although my carry-on rollercase contains more fragile electronics than it did. To make sure that I can get on the plane earlier, and therefore run less risk of being separated from carryon luggage, I sprang for United's Economy Plus extra leg-room upgrade. Not cheap, but worth it if the electronics don't get smashed by baggage handlers.

The only con event I attended today was the Signout, where authors and artists sit and sign their work. I was at a table with Pat Murphy and Karen Joy Fowler. Pat told me she thought I did fine on the panel yesterday, and when I went to Timmi Duchamp's table to say goodbye to her, she talked about what great feedback she's gotten and how she wants to do the same panel with the same people next year. So I guess I didn't do as badly as I thought. Another person who'd been there, though, came over and asked if I was feeling okay this morning, which I very much appreciated! I've also gotten several private e-mails of support from friends, in the SF community and elsewhere, who don't want to post public comments because they're afraid they'll be flamed (I'm still half expecting that to happen to yesterday's post, but at least I have the option of removing it if the situation becomes too stressful).

So, anyhow, the Signout was very nice, and they gave us good food and excellent goody bags. Afterwards, I ran some errands on State Street: had leverbacks instead of french wires put on my new earrings, bought souvenirs for Gary and our catsitters (although I couldn't buy them cheese because there's no room in my luggage and it's too hot to ship cheese now), bought luggage tags for everything I own just in case I do indeed get separated from carryon luggage, and had a large and delicious tempura shrimp Bento-box lunch, which with any luck will keep me going through an eternity of air travel. My flight's around 7:00, and if all goes well, I'll be back in Reno by 11:00 local time. I don't expect all to go well, but I'd be delighted to be wrong.

One funny note: I went back to the Concourse to try to blog on the public computers there, but the Concourse's Net Nanny program denied access because of adult content. However, my own hotel's public computers appear to be less squeamish.

And that's it for now. With any luck, the next time I post I'll be home with Gary and the beasts!

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