Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Living in Bed

I've been keeping down bland solid food since midday yesterday, and my temp's lower, although still elevated. At this point, I'm inclined to go ahead with the procedures Friday, just to get them over with, although that would mean driving to the drugstore today to fill the script for the prep kit. We'll see if I'm up to that.

Sharon dropped off a gallon of Gatorade yesterday. Thanks, Sharon!

Also, my suitcase arrived yesterday.

Meanwhile, while I was gone a huge package arrived from the Maine Humanities Council: the syllabus and readings for the Literature & Medicine Institute in Chicago. The reading load's pretty heavy. I've already read (and in some cases taught) a few of the texts, but there are others I'd never heard of. So I'm passing the time in bed alternately napping and reading. Also, I knitted one row last night, just to maintain my knitting-every-day pattern.

The cats love it when someone's sick, especially with a fever: an extra-warm person to cuddle with! At times, I've had all three of them on my bed, althbough Figgy and Bali keep trying to eat my books. Harley's been the most solicitous of the beasts; he spends most of his time on the bed and checks in on me in the bathroom, too. This morning he curled up with his head on my shoulder, which is very unusual for him but was very sweet. So he's earned a new nickname, Healing Kitty, in addition to his old ones of Harley the Magnificent, Harley the Hilarious, and Rescue Kitty.

Thanks to the folks who sent me get-well wishes yesterday. To those of you who are also sick, I hope you get well soon, too!


  1. Anonymous2:17 PM


    Hope you are feeling much better soon!


  2. Susan,

    I'm so sorry you're dealing with this nasty bug. I'm VERY glad you've got someone to care for you so that you can rest. And that you've got cuddly boys to keep you safe and snuggled.

    Prayers for good health ascending.


  3. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Glad to hear you're slowly but surely getting better, Susan!


  4. Wiscon's mysterious illness made the local news today, as apparently it's under investigation.... Youre part of an Outbreak! Congratulations!

    But I hope you're feeling better :)


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