Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More on the Christian Left

A recent commenter asked for "more on the Christian Left," so here you go!

Classes ended yesterday (although I still have an exam to give and grading to do). Because of our campus-area rapist/killer, who's been blessedly quiet for some months now -- knock wood -- one of my students has been giving me a ride back to my car, since she parks closer than I do. Parking on campus is complicated; suffice it to say that I pay through the nose for a space some distance from my office, while she parks at a closer meter.

This is the student who was with me the evening I discovered that my "Christian, Not Closed-Minded" bumper sticker had been defaced. She's not Christian and has expressed overt skepticism about that or any faith, but was very sympathetic when we found the bumper sticker. Later she told me, "If that had been my car, I wouldn't have been able to sleep that night."

As we pulled up to my car last night, Nancy said, "Uh-oh, you've got company." Two scruffy, twenty-something young guys wearing cardboard McDonald's crowns were standing behind my car, staring at my bumper stickers. "Want me to stay here until you've pulled out?"

"Please," I said, and got out of the car, my stomach tightening a bit. I walked over to the kids and said, "Hi. This is my car. Is there a problem?"

"Oh, no!" one of them said. "We were just looking at your bumper stickers."

"Are you pro or con?" I asked.

"I dunno. I'm not sure I understand that 'Christian Left' one. What does that mean?"

"Well, it's the opposite of the Christian Right. It's Christians who actually believe in love, forgiveness, feeding the hungry -- "

The young guy's face lit up. "Oooooh! It's Christianity the way it's supposed to be!"

"You got it," I said.

The kids left. As I got into my car, Nancy flashed me a thumb's-up sign through her open window.

There. The new bumper stickers are doing their job!

(Note: I know that there are plenty of individuals on the Christian Right who believe in love, forgiveness, and feeding the hungry, but it's difficult to figure that out from listening to some of the politicians who claim the label.)

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  1. That's really nice of your student, Susan. I used to love hanging out with my professors. Sounds like you two have the setting for a mentorship. :)

    So glad to hear the bumper stickers are doing their job. And that college kids are as curious now as they were when I attended.



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