Sunday, May 18, 2008

Erika's Wedding

Allow me to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Luke Bonanomi, only moments after they were married. Erika decided to change her name; the new one has a lot more syllables, so we'll all be tripping over it for a while! (As always, click on any thumbnails to enlarge.)

Here's a shot I took of Erika by herself, looking supremely happy. We all really loved the red-trimmed veil. The wedding party was dressed in red and black, and the bridesmaids' dresses were actually nice enough to wear to other occasions: very classy!

It rained on and off yesterday, but the rain held off during the outdoor ceremony, so relief reigned. Erika was delighted that Gary and I were there; I think we won the award for "traveled the farthest to be at the wedding."

Gary's parents, Doris and Adrian, drove us to the wedding. Through a bizarre series of highway mishaps -- none of which were our fault -- we wound up getting funneled onto the George Washington Bridge and having to turn around, and then when we got off the highway in New Jersey, we got lost again and had to ask directions at a gas station. It was quite nerve-wracking! But we'd left three hours early, so we still got there forty-five minutes before the ceremony started.

Here's my darling hubby, looking dapper. I, unfortunately, wasn't looking dapper: I'd brought a pretty but, in retrospect, much too informal cotton dress, and was the most underdressed person at the wedding. However, Gary and my in-laws still consented to be seen with me. It's just as well there are no photos of me, though!

The table centerpieces were glass bowls filled with water, in which floated either a gigantic rose or a candle. They were really beautiful, although this photo doesn't do them justice. I took a ton of other pictures -- of the lovely room where we ate, decorated with lights, of Erika's parents and brother, of the bride and groom seated at their dinner table -- but unfortunately, none of them came out.

Trust me, though: it was a gala occasion, and Erika and Luke are obviously and radiantly ecstatic. We wish them more of the same for many, many years!


  1. I can not believe you didn't get any pictures at her wedding! I'm sure you looked beautiful, cotton is a fine fabric. Lovely wedding.

  2. Congratulations to the bride and groom! And to you too, Susan! That's a fine looking man you've got there and I can see the family resemblance with his parents. I think he looks a bit like his Mom. :)

    Safe travel to WisCon for you and is it home for Gary?

    I agree with Sandi. Cotton is fine for dressy occasions. My wedding dress was cotton.


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