Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Reunion!

Tonight Gary and I had dinner with my cousin Jim and his daughter Maggie. Here Maggie's looking happy and Jim's looking mock-stern. We had a good conversation about bugs and snakes -- Maggie just finished her first year at Mt. Holyoke, where she plans to major in biology; she's particularly interested in entomology and herpetology -- and about medical humanities. Jim's decidedly skeptical about the latter, and particularly about narrative medicine: he doesn't think most doctors will ever be won over to a more humanistic approach. It seems to me that quite a few already have been, but maybe those are just the circles in which I travel!

Here's Jim looking less stern. He's an engineer at IBM, and was sporting an impressive bandage on one hand. Apparently he had a little accident with liquid nitrogen last week, resulting in two of his fingers getting frostbitten.

It was really fun to see them. I wish I could have seen my uncle, too, but he'd just gotten off the plane, so the timing wasn't right. My uncle and Maggie go to Arizona every summer to study bees; I hope they'll stop by Reno sometime!

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  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    i'm feeling this trip has been a great, healing connection between east and west; former and present; growth and change.


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