Friday, May 09, 2008

Book Pigout, With Knitting

I'm currently indulging in a medical non-fiction orgy, which I figure I can justify because of my med-school work. Yesterday I finished devouring Pauline Chen's Final Exam, an uncommonly moving exploration of physicians' difficult relationship to death. During my Tolkien exam this afternoon, I inhaled half of Atul Gawande's Better, a wide-ranging collection of essays about improvements in medical performance, and then promptly came home and ordered his first book, Complications. While I was at it, I also bought Jerome Groopman's How Doctors Think, recommended both by Gary's mom and by med-school colleagues, along with my college classmate Lisa Belkin's book about medical ethics, First, Do No Harm.

And then I looked at all of the books by one of my favorite medical writers, Perri Klass, to see if I'd missed any . . . and discovered that she's published a collection of knitting columns! So of course I had to order that, too, even though it's not related to med-school work.

Perri Klass knits! Squeeeee! (I gather that if I read Knitter's Magazine, where she's a columnist, I'd already have known this, but I don't and I didn't.)

I'm already thinking of other books I wish I'd ordered, but they'll have to wait! Anyway, if anyone out there has recommendations for great medical nonfiction, please let me know.

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  1. Perri Klass is also the niece of a nifty SF writer, ya know.


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