Sunday, January 13, 2008

Still More Fun With Meds (Maybe)

I weighed myself after my workout at the gym today, and was distressed to discover that I'm a pound over my all-time high. This could be a side-effect of the meds, which are known for causing weight gain; the last time I weighed this much was the last time I was on meds. Oncoming menopause and a steady diet of my brother-in-law's brownies last week certainly haven't helped!

I should add that I'm still at a healthy weight, and still think I look decent, but I'd be happier if I could lose 5-10 pounds (especially with Kaua'i coming up).

So the new regime is:

* No sweets. Instead, I'll snack on butterless, saltless popcorn, which I enjoy and often eat anyway.

* Half my regular dinner portion. Gary always serves me huge portions, and I routinely inhale them, so I've instructed him to serve me half what he usually does.

* Fifty minutes of daily exercise, rather than forty.

We'll see if this has any effect. I figure that none of it can hurt! And my mood's always better if I stay away from sugar, although I do love the stuff, so I'm sure I'll fall off that wagon (probably sooner than later).

And in other dietary news, we've learned that Bali adores peanuts. He eats several every day. Has anyone heard of a cat eating nuts?

Oh, and: I'll be in Kaua'i for Easter, and I was sad about missing services at home; I arranged to preach on Maundy Thursday, when I knew I'd still be here, since I love to preach during Holy Week. It turns out, though, that there's an Episcopal Church less than a fifth of a mile from where we'll be staying, and given the time difference, I'll probably have no trouble waking up in time for their 6 a.m. Easter Vigil. Perfect!


  1. re cats eating nuts: our neighbor cat, Diego (aka Poopy) goes out and cleans up after the birds under the birdfeeders. So nuts, grains, suet. It's all good to him!

  2. Being healthy is always a great idea. However, do be careful - check out this person's experience:

  3. Good luck on your diet, Susan! I hope it works for you. At my age I find it very hard to take weight gain off but then I was such a skinny kid that I tell myself that I look feminine with the curves the weight has given me.

    I've never seen my cats eat nuts. I have seen them eat plants, not all of which are good for them. How is Lulu doing btw?


  4. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Oh Susan,

    Cut yourself some slack. You were "home" for 7/10 days. I believe when we gather with family over food, especially when we might be a little nervous about the gathering, we show solidarity by cleaning our plates.

    And then there comes all the lame excuses about who should pick up the dishes, put them in the dishwasher and do the pots and pans.

    Whennit's a little warmer we'll take some "little" hikes. In the meantime, kick the carb habit and go to protein.



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