Sunday, January 27, 2008

Medical Updates

Mom's in a hospital room now, on the cardiac unit because they want to make sure her labored breathing isn't putting undue pressure on her heart. They still don't have an exact diagnosis: everyone thinks that part of it is pneumonia, but that there are other things going on too. She had some sort of neck scan this morning, although she couldn't tell me exactly why anyone considered that necessary (apart from the rather vague, "A lot of things can go wrong there"). She's waiting to have what sounds like a full-torso CT scan, but the day before she went to the ER, she'd had a test that included barium -- part of a GI series -- and the barium's still in her system, and they can't do the CT until it's gone. So she and her providers are both kind of frustrated right now, although at least she slept better last night than she had the previous two.

Meanwhile, both folks here and my eye doctor have confirmed that the "several hundred thousand dollars" referred to the OCT equipment, not the test itself. Thank goodness! I'm still waiting to hear about when that's scheduled, but as I said before, I'm not particularly worried. I'm sure it will turn out to be nothing, like all my other expensive tests!

Note to Ken: Gary doesn't have glaucoma; he has congenital nystagmus. But overall, he's far healthier than I am, even though he's older than I am.

Thanks to everybody who left comments and sent e-mail with good wishes. I really appreciate it!


  1. Ah, my confusion. I thought he and Robert Legault both had glaucoma, but that Gary had something more as well.

    Hope your mom does well.

  2. Susan, I'm glad you had a day of rest. You and your mom are still in my prayers. While being in the hospital isn't fun I'm glad she is getting care and was able to sleep better.

    I know how frustrating eye tests can be. I hope yours turn out well.


  3. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Dear Susan. I stumbled upon this sight through a google alert for the word "nystagmus" a condition I also have. i am a writer as well--nonfiction only--and my first two books are about living with nystagmus--a picture book for children and a medical guide for parents and adults. There are so many treatments available that the average ophthalmologist has no idea about or won't prescribe because they don't know how. If Gary has never met anyone else with nystagmus, he might find it a hoot to check out the American Nystagmus Network forum where there are over 1,000 members.

    Take care,

    Edie Glaser
    American Nystagmus Network
    Navigating Nystagmus with Your Doctor


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