Monday, January 14, 2008

Signs of Progress (Maybe)

This weekend, I cleaned my study for the first time since August. (Yes, I know that's shameful, but there you have it.) So it's currently a much better work space, although if my usual pattern holds, it will become a blizzard of paper again very quickly, especially with the semester beginning next week.

This morning, after knitting over breakfast, I revised two pages of Driving to November. I'd been stalled since June -- even more shameful than the cleaning lapse! -- on a chapter that suffered from major expository lumps: my challenge is to communicate enough information without completely stalling the action. Most of the chapter is a flashback anyway, but I had flashbacks within flashbacks, which was really awkward. So I've gone through and started streamlining. The work didn't feel inspired, but at least I got it done, and if I can maintain a pace of two pages a day (which isn't very much, after all) I should make reasonable progress.

I've also reset my computer wallpaper as this photo from the roadtrip I took with my sister in the summer of 2005. This shot is from the area where the book's set, so I hope it will help me keep working.

And now, on to class prep!


  1. I recently discovered your blog through Grand Rounds and am enjoying reading it.

    btw - A writing teacher once told me that she literally takes a belt and straps herself into her desk chair for the two hours a day she has dedicated to writing.

  2. Thanks, Barbara! And that writing teacher knew whereof she spoke!


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