Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Insert Your Own Clever Post Title Here

This week's Grand Rounds is up. I didn't contribute, since I didn't feel particularly inspired by the theme ("Briefing the Next U.S. President"); next week's theme is "The Common Cold," which I don't find too scintillating either, but maybe I'll come up with something.

I did a little bit of writing again today. Also a bit of class prep, a bit of reading, a bit of knitting, and fifty minutes split between the elliptical and the treadmill. So it was a balanced day.

Also an expensive one: Fiona Ford needed almost $300 of maintenance, and Harley the Hilarious needed his teeth cleaned. In cats, this means general anesthesia, which is pricy, and in older cats -- he's eight, almost a feline senior citizen -- it also means bloodwork to make sure there are no underlying medical conditions that would increase the risks of the anesthesia. So that came to almost $400. Gaahhhhhhhhh! Thing is, we really like our vets, and the location's ideal: half a mile away.

Dear Next President: While you're working on some form of universal health coverage for the humans in this country, how about helping out their companion animals, too? At least let us claim our pets as dependents!

The good news is that Harley's teeth are now pearly white, and he didn't need any extractions. The bad news is that his kidney values are on the high side of normal: this could have been a normal fluctuation or a result of fasting since last night (we removed all catfood from accessible locations at 8 PM), but we have to bring him back in a month to recheck the bloodwork.

He was very glad to get home this afternoon; he'd been very distressed to have no food this morning. Halfway through my own breakfast, I looked up from my computer and saw him gnawing on my powerbar, poor starving thing.

"Mom! If you won't give me my breakfast, I'll eat yours!"

So it was a tough day for the bank balance. But we need a working car (at least we only have one!), and we decided a long time ago that the cats are part of our family, and that we wouldn't economize on their health any more than we'd economize on our own.

We're in the extremely fortunate position, at least at the moment, of not having to do either. I know that many people do have to economize on healthcare, in ways that hurt them. I know how lucky I am, and I'm grateful.

Hey, Next U.S. President. Are you listening?


  1. Hey Susan, Nice post! I understand totally about the pet being family feelings and the high cost of pet care. Don't know that it covers teeth care for them but do you have pet insurance? If so is it any good? My cats only get dry food which seems to keep the teeth healthy.


  2. I wasn't particularly inspired by GR, either.

    Yeah, cat dentals are fairly expensive. So far, knock on fake wood, we haven't needed anything more pricey than that (a couple x-rays, one echocardiogram when one of the cats had a heart murmur when young).

  3. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Do get the kidney values rechecked down the road. There is a feline disease that is chronic that affects the kidneys. Easy to cope with. My cat is 20 and has it.


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