Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow Day, with Cats

It's snowing here today, heavily enough that I'd rather not leave the house. After my accident last year, I don't drive in snow unless I absolutely have to. So today will be a rest day from the gym, and I'll work on school stuff at home (which means I'll need to photocopy all my syllabi tomorrow, when the rest of our huge department is trying to do the same thing, but it will all work out somehow; worst-case scenario is that I have to go to Kinko's). I've already gotten some writing and knitting done, so it's been a relaxed day.

I tried to get cute photos of the cats watching the snow, but of course they didn't cooperate. But here's a shot of Bali next to Gary's computer monitor. He's lying on the top of the mouse, which he considers his personal property: if we try to use the mouse while he's lying on it, he attacks our hands. Well, if we don't want him to use it as a toy, I guess we shouldn't call it a mouse!

Bali, by the way, is no longer as fond of carrot peelings as he used to be; his new favorite vegetable is peas. (And yes, he eats them; he doesn't just bat them around.) He's still smitten with peanuts, too. We ran out of peanuts the other day, and Gary tried giving him some pine nuts instead. He ate a few, but clearly would have preferred the old standby.

I didn't get any good pictures of Harley this time, but here's a beauty shot of Figaro, looking elegant and streamlined. He actually is looking out at the snow, although you can't tell that from this photograph. He remains easily the most photogenic of our cats.

He has to go to the vet for a checkup tomorrow, poor baby. He won't enjoy that at all! But at least he won't have to fast first, the way Harley did before having his teeth cleaned.

Here he is looking silly: Gary calls this shot "helicopter ears." You can tell that he's very annoyed. "You looking at me, huh huh huh? Clicking that stupid little box again? D'you think I have nothing better to do than pose for you all day? I have food to eat! Toys to chase! Snow to watch! Jeeeeez!"

You can see our snowy deck behind him. I'm always amused when people think we get no snow in Reno. This is ski country, folks. We get several good snowfalls a year, often in January just as school's starting.


  1. Hooboo saw this and insisted I write his story too. He stood over my shoulder dictating parts of it. I think he is a little jealous.

    Love the cat photos, Susan. They are even more impressive when I click for the larger image.


  2. I love Figaro's 'helicopter ears' - we call those 'owl ears' in our cat, because when she gets annoyed she turns her ears back and to either side, so they're facing out from the sides of her head. She looks like an owl, or possibly Batman.


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