Friday, January 04, 2008

Fine Trip to Philly

I've arrived safely in the City of Brotherly Love, where my sister's cats have cheerfully attempted to eat both my dinner and my knitting (but they're so cute that it's okay).

The trip was absolutely painless; it couldn't have been more different from my epic journey last April. It hadn't even started raining when I left the house this morning; it was raining when we took off, but the ascent wasn't turbulent. Both flights left on time and arrived early, and on the second flight -- the long one from Phoenix to Philly -- there was an empty seat next to me! I was in the window seat; the young man on the aisle was wearing a Day of the Dead t-shirt, so I told him that my husband loves zombie movies, and that led to a long and lively conversation. It turns out that this young man, David Conway, is a) lead singer and guitarist for a punk-rock band called What Remains, who've released a CD called Destroys All Monsters!, b) a stand-up comic, c) a huge comics fan, and d) a mortgage banker. We talked about Joss Whedon and Heroes and science fiction. It turns out that some of his friends go to UNR. He asked me my name and the names of my books, and said, "It's not every day you're sitting next to a published author on a plane." I asked him the name of his band, and said, "It's not every day you're sitting next to a performing singer on a plane." He explained to me his very cogent theory about the deeper existential meaning of zombie movies. All in all, it was definitely the most enjoyable airplane conversation I've had in ages.

I also got lots of knitting done: finished one Secret Project, photos of which will probably appear here shortly, and started a shawl for Gary's mom, on which I now have four inches. (The shawl's not a secret, since she knows I'm making it.)

At my sister's house, my brother-in-law made a yummy hamburger dinner, followed by an equally yummy ice-cream and fresh-strawberries dessert -- he'd thoughtfully bought soy ice cream for me -- and my sister gave me an absolutely gorgeous yarn-and-bead bowl she made for me, and I chatted with her and my mother and knit some more. After I finish blogging, I'll go to bed, since I got up so early Reno time!

Tomorrow: real bagels with salmon pate for breakfast, and then the gym (not as nice as mine, but a short walk from here, so very convenient).

I hope the rest of the trip goes this well!


  1. What a fun flight! And now you're spending quality time with family! Yay!


  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Are you lucky you got out of here when you did. We had nearly 2 inches (that's right, 2) of rain followed by snow. I think I have 2o inches here at my housse, but it's hard to say because the wind blew so much the snow drifted a lot.



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