Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday's Knitting Question, and Mom

Thanks to everybody who left suggestions on my last post; I really appreciate it. (And TC, I don't know how Maura handles everything she has on her plate, either.) The felting idea had actually occured to me shortly after I wrote that post, but I'm glad so many other people confirmed it.

Question: Can felted wool be cut like any other fabric? I have a small ball of wool I'd like to knit up to be felted; my question is whether I should a) knit up the whole thing, felt it, and then cut it into pieces to sew into cat toys, or b) knit and felt one toy at a time. The first option would be easier, if it's possible.

Meanwhile, Mom's still in the hospital. Today she'll be transferred to a skilled nursing facility, where they'll work on building up the strength she'll need to go home. Yesterday she received two transfusions of blood because of very low hemoglobin: they aren't sure what's causing that, and at some point she'll have more tests to figure it out (but her doctor told her she can wait on those). When I called her last night, she'd just had a very scary breathing episode: she'd gotten up to go to the bathroom and suddenly found herself so unable to catch her breath that she called out for help, whereupon a bunch of nurses rushed into the room. They gave her some sort of breathing treatment -- Mom doesn't retain medical information and couldn't tell me what it was -- and she's been breathing more easily since then.

Thanks, again, to everyone who's sent us encouraging thoughts. Please keep those prayers coming!


  1. Glad your mother is doing a little better.

    Yes, you can cut felt and treat it just like fabric, as long as the knitted item is felted to the point that the individuals stitches have disappeared, or nearly so. But you can over-felt, and end up with something like a thick, fiberous brick.

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Thank you, as always, for the update. Prayers continuing, as ever, for you and your mother and the rest of your folks.


  3. Prayers ascending Susan!

    When I was young I had this small pattern which I used to make felt, the regular kind, into mice with tails. Suddenly I'm wondering if that would be a nice gift for my kitties. :) Thanks for the memory/idea.



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