Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Buffy Times Two

This week's Grand Rounds is up, and includes my Buffy in the ER post, just in time for Halloween! Thanks for including me, Paul!

And in other Buffy news, remember this darling puppy, the one who visited my classroom and whom I christened Buffy because of her color? Another volunteer chaplain at the hospital, a former pediatric hospice coordinator, saw Buffy's picture on my blog and expressed interest in adopting the dog. Yesterday I got e-mail from her: the adoption's gone through! She and her husband are hoping to train the pup as a therapy dog, and they're going to keep the name I gave her. And now I'll get to visit her and get updates on her progress! Yay!

I'm inordinately pleased that my blog was instrumental in the placement of this blessed little beast . . . not, I'm sure, that there would have been much trouble finding a home for her, since she's such a sweetie. But I'm so glad I got to be part of it.

In Dad news, yesterday I spoke to our friend who works in the low-income housing field in this area. He was extremely helpful in giving me tips about what facilities are good and which to avoid; he also told me that the public housing here is excellent. I'll drive over to the Housing Authority office today and pick up applications, since I couldn't get a human on the phone there yesterday. My friend said, "Be prepared for a wait." I'll bring reading and knitting.

And speaking of knitting, Sharon's shawl is almost finished! I bound it off last night, wove in ends this morning, and am slightly more than halfway through the fringing (which is easy, but tedious). It's certainly not a perfect garment, but it's warm and comfy, and overall I'm really pleased with it. I hope Sharon will be, too!

Lee's shawl, on which I've knitted six inches, will now become the home project, and I'll start a third one, for myself, for work.

No word on Scott's funeral yet. I'm hoping to hear something soon so I can make travel plans.

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