Thursday, October 04, 2007

Crazy Week

So Tuesday I wound up feeling worse than I've felt in ages, depression-wise, undoubtedly in part because I didn't get to the gym. (The death didn't help, either.) Part of my funk was finding a rant on a knitting blog blasting the yarn I bought, although the post provided sources of better yarn, too.

Yesterday was a little better, although I still didn't get to the gym.

Today we're having lunch with another volunteer chaplain from the hospital, and then I have a long committee meeting at work. Tonight I'll probably try to catch up on some grading. I'm going to try to get in some laps before all of that.

Tomorrow I have to grade like crazy and work on my homily for Sunday. At least my schedule's open, though, so getting to the gym will be easier.

Saturday I go to the hospital, and grade in whatever time is left over. If I'm going to swim that day, I'll have to get to the gym at 8:00 a.m. Ooof!

Sunday I preach two services, go to the 4:00 animal blessing service, and grade in whatever time is left over. I have to get to the gym, too: Tuesday taught me that skipping that is not a good idea.

Meanwhile, the Lion yarn arrived yesterday, so I've started my first shawl. Four rows so far: wheeee! At this rate, I'll have it done in a year or so! The yarn's indeed somewhat difficult to work with, but I think it's pretty anyway. I'm going to knit up what I have (unfortunately, I ordered a lot of the stuff) and then switch to this yarn.

My friend Sharon will be my first shawl recipient. I hope she'll forgive me for not realizing before I ordered it that this yarn has a bad rep!


  1. The only knitting sites one need visit (in my opinion) are and The first is a wonderful blog by a woman in NYC and a woman in Tennessee. The second is a free online magazine with great patterns and a FABULOUS chat room -- supportive, respectful, strong, and funny women (and a few men, too). click the "coffeeshop" button to get to the chatroom. If you see me there, you'll know because my name is "Deserta"

  2. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I am honored to forgive you about something I know nothing about.

  3. Congratulations, you've run into your first yarn snob. Many, many knitters are like this. (It tends to be more knitters than crocheters.)

    I have used Lion Brand yarns and been very happy with the results. I made a poncho a few years ago that I love and have gotten many compliments on.

    Re acrylic yarns in general, this type of snobbery has been going on for decades. I still have some shawls and ponchos that my mother crocheted in the 1970s. They're made of cheap acrylic yarn. You know what? They're still soft and feel good. Some of them may be hideous colors, but that's my mother and the times in which she made these.

    Knitpicks is great, too. I can't afford to buy expensive yarn for a sweater for myself -- it would be hundreds of dollars. I buy affordable stuff through Knitpicks. (I like their knitting needles, too.) And if you're going to make prayer shawls, relatively large objects which are given away, you can't afford to put a great deal of money into the yarn.

  4. eaquaelegit9:54 PM

    There's not anything wrong with Lion Brand. I happen to really like the Homespun stuff, myself. It's warm and cozy and not too scratchy. It crochets into a fabulous scarf or prayer shawl. Don't listen to the grumps.

    How odd that I should finally begin reading your blog just as you start talking about something I actually know about! Truly, it must be providence. :)


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