Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Odds and Ends

Yesterday I went swimming at the gym; I felt slower than usual, especially since the woman in the lane next to me was zipping along at Olympic speeds. I always joke that if I swam any more slowly, I'd be going backwards, unless I'm doing the backstroke, in which case I'd be going forwards.

But after my shower, I saw the other swimmer in the locker room, and she beamed at me and said, "I love watching you swim! You're just the Energizer Bunny: you never stop! You just keep going! You're inspiring!"

"But I'm really slow," I said, laughing.

"But you just keep going! I got into the pool today and saw you and thought, 'There she is, the Energizer Bunny!'"

I was flattered, and I told her so, but I do so dislike pink. Can we redo the Energizer Bunny in another color?

Meanwhile, I now have a foot of the prayer shawl, which means it's one-fifth done! Woo-hoo! I really love zoning out to music while I knit, and I think I've gotten better about balancing knitting with grading. The other day at work, I knitted through my first meeting, which worked out very well: I was able to pay sufficient attention both to my stitches and to the university business at hand, so the time felt doubly productive.

I anticipate getting lots of knitting done at Diocesan Convention this weekend. I'm leaving tomorrow: wish me luck getting my knitting needles on the plane!

The convention hotel supposedly has free wireless, but in my experience, too many hotels say that and then charge. So we'll see what happens. But if I have the time, energy, and internet access to post, I will.


  1. Oh, Susan! The Energizer Bunny in another color? I agree that Pepto Bismal pink isn't the most delightful color (think Taco Cabanas) and I do like pink. But I really can't think of another color that works as indicating energy except maybe electric blue. Or that intense silvery blue that sometimes shows in high tech advertisements. Does an electric blue or silver blue bunny do it for you? I think the Energizer people chose pink because it is seen as a friendly color.


  2. Knitting through faculty meetings is the most fabulous thing ever. I don't know how the other faculty members can stand being yarn-free.

  3. Lee -- Funny; pink to me means bedtime, not energy! A bright red Energizer Bunny would mean energy, but yes, silver would do too!

    Inez -- Now if only I had the courage to knit through classes! ;-)


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