Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mom Update

Thanks very much to everyone who left encouraging comments on Friday's post. Mom's still in the hospital, still short of breath and periodically disoriented. She's now being evaluated for possible blood clots in her legs; on a more positive note, she's seen a physical therapist who's fitted her with a better back brace and also taught her to use various assistive devices for putting on socks and so forth.

She's been coherent and relatively cheerful when I've spoken to her -- at least once a day and usually twice -- but she'd really rather be home. She especially misses her beloved cats, who can neither visit nor phone.

I'm grateful for everyone's prayers, and I'm praying for all of you who also have hospitalized parents or other life challenges . . . even though, as usual, I'm being entirely too slow about answering e-mail!


  1. God, do your best for Susan's mother. This is not a surprise to you, and you know what's best, up to and including complete healing, or just enduring.

    In the name of Jesus.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the continued shortness of breath/confusion; this has to be pretty scary. Hope something clearer turns up soon. Wish your Mom's cats COULD visit; does the hospital have a pet therapy program?

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Dear Susan,

    Thank you for the update about your mother - I'm glad to hear she is getting good care and also that she is doing better.

    Since you posted so recently and so movingly about hope, I will be praying that you and your mother and the other folks in your family all find the kinds of hope that suit you best and help you most.

    And, on a more concrete level, that perhaps someone can bring your mother some properly cute pix of her beloved kitty cats to keep her company until she can get home again.


  4. Susan, I'm glad to hear that you mother sounds cheerful and is coherent. I'll keep her, you, and your family in my prayers.

    Be well and at peace!


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