Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Knitting Update

Here's the garish little object I'm making with my ugly yarn and chopsticks, just to practice. It's all knit. I'm still having trouble with purl, and I must be doing it wrong and clearly need a knitting friend to watch me and give me guidance -- but that won't be happening for a while, so I'm sticking with the knit stitch.

I found another shawl pattern, all in knit stitch, so I'm going to start work on that when my mail-order supplies arrive. In the meantime, Garish Object is fun to work on, even if it's not pretty. I might try to turn it into a cat toy when I decide I'm finished with it (when the better supplies arrive, probably).

Garish Object is all lumpy and everything, but at least it's getting my hands used to the motion. And considering that I've only been doing this for two days -- which were also crammed full of grading, preaching, and a hospital shift -- I think I could be doing worse!


  1. Karen6:28 PM

    Bravo for starting a new hobby! Don't worry about the purl stitch because a lot of people don't like it. There used to be a knitting program on TV where the instructor (Zimmerman, I believe) didn't do any purling -- she knitted with circular needles or with double pointed ones. Both of these are good for making tubes - the body of a sweater, an arm, mittens. I found out that after years of knitting that I was doing the purl stitch wrong by American standards. But my Grandmother taught me to knit and she taught me an European technique. Maybe you'll invent your own technique!

  2. Susan, it is VERY colorful. I love the purples and blues. Do I see yellow in it? I'm sure the kitties will love it.


  3. Ribbon yarn is not the easiest stuff for beginners to use, so you're doing fine. In a year or so, you'll be making cables, which look hard but aren't, and then you'll really feel like a pro!

  4. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Are you familiar with ? the videos were a huge help to me when learning.
    Good luck!


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