Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Grand Rounds, and More Knitting Obsession

This week's Grand Rounds is up, with an emergency-medicine theme! It's an unusually small edition, and I'm looking forward to reading it (and also grateful to have been included).

Meanwhile, I've started a second knitting project, for work. The home project will be the main one and the work project will be the secondary one, and when I finish the current home project, the work project will move into the main position and I'll start a new one at work.

I've now done 25 inches (out of 60) of Sharon's shawl, which is the home project.

Today I knitted -- is "knitted" or "knit" the proper past tense? -- the first nine rows of Lee's shawl, which I'm doing in a small checkerboard pattern.

I'm planning a shawl for myself and another for my friend Alex, if he'd like one. I'd also like to knit and felt a laptop sleeve, since my teensy computer carrying case is still a little too large for my tiny VAIO.

I bought a second pair of circular needles, metal this time, for work. I boiled them to soften the cable, but it's still trying to imitate a Slinky. Does anyone have a good method for straightening cables?

In writing news, my literary agent reports a fair amount of foreign interest in my three novels. We'll see if anything comes of this, but it would be very cool to have one or more books translated into Italian, German or Russian! I told Gary that foreign sales might bring in more money for knitting supplies, and he rolled his eyes and said, "You don't get to buy more knitting supplies until you actually finish a project!"


  1. Oh Thank You, Susan! Huge smiles of delight are stretching across my face right now. The checkerboard pattern sounds wonderfully fun and wardrobe practical.

    I hope you get around to knitting your own soon. :)

    Hope! & Joy!

  2. Tell Gary if that's the way it is, he can't buy any more cooking supplies until everything already in the house is used up.

    Knitters need stuff. That's just the way it is. Still cheaper than therapy.

  3. Knitting and therapy are not necessarily exclusive, Inez. And threats like that mean my file of Recipes From Gary I'll Never Use won't get much larger, so it would cause collateral damage.

    Besides, he cooks a meal in its entirety before going on to the next.


    I typed this at EoB to Caroline, so I'll type it here, too. You need to speak with her.


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