Monday, October 08, 2007

Blessing of the Beasts, Part I

I have twenty-odd photos from the Blessing of the Animals, so I'm going to post them in two groups, starting with cats and other non-dogs (canines were by far the most numerous population). This first snapshot is of Vonice Reed, our guest from the Nevada Humane Society, who brought two sick kittens with her: they have upper respiratory disease, and she was taking them home to humidify them. Don't worry: she kept them away from other cats! Young parishioner Conner is helping her hold the baby kitties.

Here's Shelby with her great big kitty! Everyone remarked on how calm he was around all the dogs.

(By the way, if you want to look at any of these photos in more detail, just click to enlarge.)

Because most kitties wouldn't have been that calm around all the dogs, some of us, like this little girl, brought photos of our cats instead. I had pictures of our three guys, but I didn't think to ask anyone to take a photo of me with them.

And moving on to other non-dogs, heeeeere's a hedgehog! I'd always wanted to see one of these in person, and this hedgie was indeed very cute, but didn't like being petted very much. Companion person Carolyn warned us to pat his stomach, not his thorny back, but every time we tried to touch his stomach, he jumped. He must have thought we were a bunch of veterinarians, poor baby!

Here's Conner again with Myrtle the Turtle, whom he was babysitting for our friends Ned and Janet. As you can tell, Conner was making the rounds while his parents tended to their two large dogs, whom you'll see tomorrow!

And here's Janet with two of their baby turtles. They aren't Myrtle's babies; Ned and Janet own some land that a friend's using as a turtle farm, so that's where they get their babies, who have a lovely pond in their backyard to swim in.

Boa constrictor, anyone? I asked Debbie, the snake's person, if she wasn't worried about the snake constricting around her neck, but she says that this snake doesn't constrict at all, not even when it eats. (It doesn't eat live food, which may be part of the reason.)

And here's the Rev. Sherry Dunn, one of our wonderful clergy. She was really a trouper yesterday, since she was the only one of our wonderful clergy who could make it to the blessing, and thus had to bless all the animals herself. She's a bit more nervous around some of the animals -- especially the snake, I think! -- than some of the other clergy, so I think it was a bit nerve-wracking for her. But she handled everything with consummate grace, as always.

Tomorrow: lots and lots of dogs!

And speaking of dogs, today one of my workshop students, who fosters puppies for the SPCA, brought a ten-week old blonde lab pup to class. The cuteness quotient was through the roof. Several of us kept fighting over who was going to hold the puppy next, especially since this was the world's best puppy: she didn't bark during the whole class and was perfectly happy to be passed from one set of arms to another, instead of running around on the floor. My student said she's always like that, Mellow Pup.

I promptly named her Buffy because of her coloring, and hogged her for the first half of the class: professor's perogative! After class, several of us escorted the puppy-mom, who was carrying the pup, back to the English building; another student was going to babysit Buffy during mom's next class. We put her on the ground, and she wriggled between my ankles. I moved a few steps, and she followed me and wriggled between my ankles again. "She wants to go home with you," said my student, and I would have been really tempted, if Gary didn't actively dislike dogs.

Actually, I wouldn't have been tempted, because I don't need raising a pup on top of other projects, and I know this little beauty will get a great home somewhere. But I was tempted to be tempted!

In knitting news, I now have nine inches of the first prayer shawl. If I can keep knitting an inch a day (six rows), I should have it done at the beginning of December.


  1. Nice photos! Glad you had fun. Please drop by my blog--I wrote a book about the history of the pet blessings with contemporary ceremonies included. Has a lot of hints and tips for events...only photos are on the blog unfortunately. I hope you will list your event there next year!

  2. Great post!

    Usually the people who "actively dislike" animals are the ones who end up falling the hardest for them in the end.

    So there is yet hope!



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