Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I'm leaving for the airport shortly, but wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. If I had more time, I'd attempt to get a picture of black-cat Bali to post, but you'll just have to imagine his fuzzy handsomeness.

Speaking of Bali, yesterday he kept trying to play with the fringe on Sharon's shawl. I finally gave him a piece of yarn, thinking he just wanted to bat it around. Instead, he slurped it up like a strand of spaghetti. I immediately called our vet, who said that since the yarn was only a few inches long, the cat should be fine, but to bring him in if he started vomiting.

So far, he's keeping down his meals, thank goodness. I'd feel really guilty if my knitting got him into medical trouble. But this confirms the wisdom of felting cat toys whenever I finally get around to making them.


  1. Happy Halloween!

    I'm sure everyone will tell you and the vet told you, but yarn is very dangerous for cats. I lost a cat to string, which sounds insane but it's true. No yarn for kitties!

  2. God's best in all you are going through.


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