Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Knitting Bag, With Occupant

The other day I bought a junky (but practical and colorful!) bag at Ross to hold lots of knitting. Of course the cats have had to investigate it: Bali especially likes to lie inside and pounce on the yarn when it moves. They've all camped out in the bag, but Figaro's the only one of whom I got good photos.

Bali likes to lie next to the yarn so he can pounce on it; Figgy and Harley like to lie on top of the yarn, as if it's an egg they're hatching.

As you can see, the new bag is just the right size to hold a cat, even if he's feeling shy and wants to hide.

And if he doesn't want to hide, why, that works too.

I knit through a med-school meeting this morning. First I asked if anyone would mind, and one of the staff chaplains from my hospital started teasing me. "Yes, Susan, I find knitting highly offensive. If there's anything I can't stand, it's knitting!"

Bad news on the med-school front: my current teaching schedule prevents me from attending a lot of interesting events, but I thought I'd be able to go to more in the spring. It turns out, though, that my chair sent me the wrong schedule . . . so I can't get to the stuff I want to get to during the spring semester, either!

This is frustrating, but I'll live. At least I get to teach my Tolkien course again this spring: yay!

I wonder how Tolkien felt about knitting.


  1. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Tolkien course? Tolkien course? what are you teaching in your Tolkien course? Inquiring minds need to know ... and then they will wish they were in Utah so they could take it themselves! Seriously, though, what a great idea - I would love to know what's on your reading list and what kind of approach you take to the course.


  2. Wonderful pictures, Susan! Cats and containers are fun aren't they? (g)

    I haven't heard in a while about Lulu. Is she doing ok?


  3. What a great bag! I meant to comment on your previous post that has circular needles with great cables that have no memory, so they don't curl up. They come in metal and wood, and you can buy the cables and the needles separately. I have a whole set of the metal ones, and I absolutely love them.

    Also, you should check out if you haven't already. It is still in beta testing so there is a waiting list to get on, but the knitting resources there are well worth the wait.

  4. Jean -- The Tolkien course is essentially an extremely close reading of LoTR, supplemented with some of the shorter work, the letters, and some criticism.

    Lee -- Lulu seems to be holding up!

    Red Fish -- I've asked for those needles for Christmas (a set of the new, gorgeous, wooden interchangeables) and my husband tells me he's on the case!

  5. P.S. to Jean -- Reno's in Nevada, not Utah!

  6. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Dear Susan,

    Now you know my guilty secret - terrible, terrible, terrible at geography!

    But not bad at reading maps when necessary ... so there's still hope,



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