Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bad Brain Day

I've become very forgetful lately, but especially in the last few days. Yesterday I gave the cats their breakfast twice; today, according to Gary, I left the heater in my study on and also left the garage door open when I left for work! I could have sworn I closed it. Also, trying to get from campus to Ben Franklin's to buy a cloth measuring tape, I took a route that I should have known wouldn't work, that I've known for ten years doesn't work. I took it anyway, and of course wound up going far out of my way. Aaaargh!

So this is probably perimenopause, right? Gary's becoming alarmed, but I told him that forgetfulness is one of the known symptoms of perimenopause. Does anyone have any tips for correcting this? My sister gave me a book on menopause that talks about it; but, of course, I've forgotten where I put the book!

Either it's perimenopause, or knitting has shoved out all other information in my cerebral cortex.

I did eventually reach Franklin's, where I got a sixty-inch measuring tape -- perfect for measuring sixty-inch shawls -- and a pair of small folding travel scissors, so I won't get stabbed by my nail scissors whenever I reach into my knitting bag. Does anybody know if those small folding jobs are allowed on airplanes? Gary asked, and I didn't know.

I nobly did not buy yarn, although I was drooling over some Shetland wool in gorgeous colors. There was a dark red tweed to die for, and also a lovely shade of aquamarine. I met someone else who was wandering the rows of yarn, fondling the skeins with a dreamy look on her face. Outside the store, I saw two women sitting on a bench; one was teaching the other to knit.

According to the new tape measure, I now have thirty inches of Sharon's shawl, which means that it's half done. Hurrah! I can't wait to see it finished. I'm going to have to buy some new yarn for the fringe, though. The Lion Homespun turns into friz much too easily when it's left hanging loose; various people recommend knotting the ends, but I think it's safer to buy matching yarn that will fringe properly.

I'll of course have to learn to cast off, but I'll deal with that when I get there!


  1. You can definitely take folding scissors on the plane. I did in August. And I think regular scissors are okay too. The TSA list is available online.

    Forgetfulness: it is the world's fault for not being as interesting as knitting.

  2. Eaquae Legit7:09 PM

    The Homespun definitely does not work for fringe. Even when you knot the ends, they come undone very quickly. You'll never stop re-knotting them.

  3. EL: Does that mean that the knot I made when I joined a new skein will come undone, too? Yikes!

  4. Perimenopause. Been there. Done that. I left the garage door open from time to time, put odd items in the freezer, and often forgot why I'd walked into a room. What worked for me was the passage of time. An artist I represented told me she took some herb that was helpful. I never followed her advice and I don't remember the herb. Sorry.

    The other time my frontal lobes seemed to shrink was pospartum. Yup, the hormone levels are fluctuating then too. A postpartum artist told me that when she was home with her newborn, she would look at her shoes, be at a loss, and call them "foot coverings." Almost like those split-brain experiments way back when. She could no longer name things at times, she could only describe their functions.

    My theory: there are times in our lives when our attention needs to be on things that are more gut-level, instinctual, etc. SO Mother Nature helps us turn our attention to those things. Yes, it can be annoying and downright scary. Something tactile like knitting is great for a time like this. Me, I got serious about painting, really messy painting. I could reach inside and pull all of that messy instinct outside. Yes, it helped. When people began to purchase those paintings, it really helped. As did getting through menopause.


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