Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not Much

Thanks to folks who left comments yesterday.

Balthazar appears to be almost fully recovered (although he can't meet the other kitties until he's off the antibiotics). He's bouncing around like a maniac and attacking everything he sees; right now, he's wrapped around my ankle. Ah, yes. We've entered the "don't walk around the house barefoot" season of cat ownership.

He's also gotten difficult to medicate; it was easy to give him his bubblegum flavored antibiotic (!) when he was weak and limp, but now he squirms and fights. Gary and I had trouble doing it together yesterday, and the cat weighs less than two pounds!

The medicine tastes like bubblegum because vets use pediatric formulas. Banana is another popular flavor for kitty medicine, although cats hate bananas. Somebody needs to come up with a fish or chicken-flavored formula.

I, unlike the cat, am feeling quite lethargic. I meant to be at work by now (yep, we can see how successful that was). I'm so busy at the moment because I'm on the department committee that reads everyone's annual-evaluation materials and decides on merit/raise levels (we don't decide the monetary amount of each "step" -- that's done by the university -- but we decide how many steps everyone gets). Anyway, this involves working through 45 thick files, since people submit everything they've published for the year, plus course syllabi and other teaching materials. The materials were due this past Monday; next Tuesday, after the MLK holiday, we'll begin having all-day meetings to discuss them, which means that we need to get them read this week. So far, I've done ten a day. Twenty down, twenty-five to go.

This is very solid, rewarding service -- our department rocks, and it's fun to see what everyone's up to -- but it's incredibly time-consuming, and I still have course prep to do. (I'd be farther along if the Shelter galleys hadn't arrived when they did.) This is my last year on this committee for a while, though, so next year, I'll get my winter break back.

Everything will get done. It always does, although I'm never quite sure how it has.

Among other things, I haven't had a chance to stay caught up on friends' blogs, so if you've posted about something dramatic and I haven't commented, please forgive me.

Time to medicate Balthazar. Wish me luck!


  1. I can just imagine two adults medicating a tiny kitten! Try getting the gloves that birds of prey handlers wear.

    I am so glad that Balthazar is getting better. What a lucky kitty to have you to love.

  2. I am absolutely certain he will be 100% okay. Keep up the good work!

    You probably know this, but I can report that even an old, feeble, sick kitty can be a formidable foe of innocent nail clippers and toothbrush/q-tips.

  3. When my wife and I have had to medicate our "beast" of a cat, he's one pound heavier then the dog (14lbs) - one holds while the other puts the plunger right between the "gap" between mouth and teeth and then squirt in the medicine.

  4. Yay! I'm really glad that he seems to be recovered. While I don't remember the details, a vet once taught me a way to hold an animal down without endangering either pet or human. You might ask your vet if they can show you. I think it included crossing body over the pet and holding opposite legs so that they couldn't scratch you.

    On the coaxing side, have you thought about stirring the antibiotic into yogurt or something similar? As long as it doesn't interfere with the antibiotic, he will enjoy it at this stage in his life. Later he may become lactose intolerant as many adult cats seem to do that.


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